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Has Christ blown your mind?

When was the last time you were fired up about what God is doing in your life?


We can reminisce about “that time God used me for….” Or “God really moved that day…” Friends, what about today? I want God to use me every day for something dear to His heart. I want Him to say “I will call her; she’ll be faithful in what I ask”.

No pretense, no doubt, just know that our Lord has equipped us for Him and His service. It is then, in that moment that we should get fired up as we witness God’s presence.

Have you ever noticed that when we serve others, we are the blessed ones?

So many times I have witnessed people preparing for a mission trip with an unsaid set of expectations, only to return with their minds trying desperately to wrap around the workings of God. I get so excited to see that our Lord has blown their minds! Then again we should ask; why did He?

When we try to put God in a box, we are minimizing who He is. We should find ourselves in awe of Him, to find Him awesome.

Join ICR on a journey through our website; investigate for yourself how God is calling you. We have a variety of opportunities that the Holy Spirit will use to ignite a new fire within you.

Are you willing to step out of the ordinary? Then, get out of that box and allow God to blown your mind!

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